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Who is HESED?
The Hesed community is a group of regular people who have been on a spiritual retreat in the tradition of Cursillo* and who have a desire to share their experiences with their friends and family who have developmental disabilities.  Hesed Retreat teams are composed of persons from all walks of life including ministers, lay leaders, young and old, single and married, many denominations but all Christians, and people with and without disabilities.

What is HESED? Hesed is a non-denominational Christian ministry, intended to reach out to adults with and without developmental disabilities. Hesed organizes one retreat a year.  Hesed has roots in the Lutheran Via de Cristo, Presbyterian Pilgrimage, Catholic Curisillo, Methodist Emmaus Walk, Tres Dias, and similar programs.

Who attends Hesed Weekends? 

a first time participant (guest) is often

  • a person with varying degrees of developmental disability  OR
  • a friend or family member or care provider of a person with disabilities

WHO wants to learn about the life of Jesus AND/OR make new friends.

a returning participant is a team member who has already been a participant in a weekend and wants to help with a retreat. 

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning about the life of Christ or fellowshipping with other people concerned about adults with disabilities... the Hesed folks hope you will apply to attend a weekend.

Where is Hesed?  Hesed does not have an office location. Hesed is a group of people who communicate by phone, e-mail and mail.  They occasionally meet together for fellowship or to plan the retreat.  The retreats are held at Camp Royall* in the Pittsboro-Moncure area of NC.   

How is Hesed Funded?  Hesed operates on a small budget that comes from individual donors.  A few churches and some of the other retreat groups have contributed to Hesed. No profit is earned off of the retreats.  Your contributions are welcome, too! Contributions provide scholarships for guests and help with expenses.

What does HESED mean? HESED is a Hebrew word that means ĎGodís loving kindness, boundless mercy, and never-ending loveí. Through this weekend retreat, we want you to experience Godís HESED love.

Hugs are available as needed

What happens on a HESED weekend? You will meet new friends, and join them in wonderful music, worship, and discussions about the life of Christ. You will dress in costumes like those that Jesusí friends wore, and participate in a series of short dramas that will make you feel that you are walking and talking with Jesus throughout the important events of His life!

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  • Cursillo was the original retreat model developed by Roman Catholics that began in Spain.  It gradually migrated to other countries and has been adapted by several denominations with other names like: Lutheran Via de Cristo, Presbyterian Pilgrimage, Arise (youth), Methodist Emmaus Walk, Tres Dias, Kairos Ministry (Prisons), Hesed and others.
    For a detailed history click here.
  • Camp Royall, is owned and operated by the Autism Society of NC.  Detailed information about the camp can be found on the Autism Society website.

Hesed Retreats
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